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Interior Design



With projects varying in size, whether you are looking for the full interior design service or only support in specific areas - for me, it's about being adaptable to suit your brief and your individual needs. Whether you require assistance with 1 or 2 of these areas or a combination of them all - let's discuss and devise a plan that will work best for you and your project.


If you are struggling to visualise a refurbishment or simply seeking out smart, functional  solutions and creative expertise to add that professional design quality to your home renovation plans, this service is for you.

Receive a clear visualisation of your proposed design in the format of a 3D photorealistic render drawn to scale. The design concept is tailored to your needs and specific design aspirations without overlooking vital space planning, furniture layout and flow. 

3d visualisation of a loft bedroom
An example of a sourcing style board

This service follows swiftly on from the agreed and signed off design concept. All furniture, fittings and equipment (FF&E) that make up the design and are defined as in scope are sourced on your behalf.


The selection is presented to you in the format of digital style boards. These boards are created by room to help illustrate how items work cohesively together. Corresponding shoppable purchase lists provide you with direct links to everything you need and the confidence to get cracking!

Bespoke furniture design can be the best approach to maximising space and storage - anywhere from alcove cabinetry, dressing rooms, smart storage solutions , an increasing number of home offices and so on.


Bespoke designs like these create superior solutions to suit your specific needs without having to rely on the next best thing off the shelf.


We can produce 2D and 3D Technical drawings drawn to scale for a wide variety of customised solutions.

An example of technical drawings for a dressing room
Work Station

The procurement service picks up where the purchase lists have been agreed and signed off.


This service removes the potential challenges of the ordering process for you. The purchasing process and logistics are fully managed on your behalf. Should there be a need for any replacements, refunds or returns of damaged or faulty items - these are arranged or resolved as well.


This service carries a fee based on a percentage of total cost of FF&E however it's worth noting that savings made from the benefits of available trade discounts more often than not go a long way to recouping this, resulting in a small fee relative to a lot of time and effort saved.


This bespoke service takes care of it all - for those who not only want a designer to design and source the interior but to fully manage the implementation of it as well.

  • Project and budget fully controlled and managed

  • Site visits can be expected several times a week

  • Onsite coordination and liaison with contractors/trades to ensure quality control is applied and progress is being made against the schedule. Contractors/trades arranged as required

  • Delivery of procurement items overseen and verified

  • Installation of FF&E fully managed

  • Snagging logged and supervised

  • Advice and support provided as required

The project management fee is agreed in advance and can vary based on the levels of involvement - made flexible to suit all budgets and needs.



White interior
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